Chapter One


What up nerds?  I’ve been in Sydney for 5 days now, and this place is awesome. We saw the opera house, and junk like that, but who cares. What everyone is interested in is hilarious foreigners, and so far foreign people have not disappointed.

Our first 2 nights were at the Sydney Central YHA hostel and it sucked. It is big and clean and you don’t meet anyone (except for the very gorgeous and very French Anne-Carole. You have to

swallow your foot to properly pronounce her name, and the language barrier between us has prevented me from confessing my undying love for her). There I very disappointingly shared a room with a 70 year old man, and 2 Welsh kids. The old man creeped me out, and I learned that Welsh people suck.

I think I’ll keep each blog entry short and direct, so now I’ll add specific entries for specific foreign people. Look forward to entries such as “Wales Sucking,” “Punching Girls,” and “Asians speak sign language too”

If you are reading this… you are bored,


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